Roland AX-7
tonton joe 05/25/2004

Roland AX-7 : tonton joe's user review


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Portable keyboard MIDI really full at any point of view: Bender, modulation, sustain, D-beam, aftertouch, layer, split, transpose ... Technically, there is no better jour.C this is the master MIDI Portable most elaborate.
MIDI OUT and MIDI IN. The sounds of the synth which depend so it will be affected.


The keyboard has 45 notes, light touch .... But relatively good at home.
The highlight is the ergonomics of the toy. It is a pleasure to have everything under his left hand! It controls all the effects pitch, modulation, D-beam, a very natural way.
The sustain is ideally placed just behind the handle on the run What can simultaneously use other fingers to the bar of expression or the pitch while playing on the chorus with his right hand.
The changes of sounds are also very well placed. As such, it can store up to 128 presets in the order you want of course. Great for live!
At first we took a little head to the allocation and conversion sounds of the synth connected externally to the AX-7, in case you are not used. Otherwise nothing really confusing with a little determination ...
The manual is very average MIDI for newcomers (lords of Roland, everyone does not control both at MIDI you!) But is understandable because even .... As long as one is addicted to coffee ....


I use it for 2 months and I really enjoy!
It's really a great machine because of its plastic at first, but also by the fact that the AX-7 "throws!" simply. People hallucinate with this type of product, and the game stage of your group with everything to gain (the show live !!!!).
And which foot you can walk freely, jumping all over the place on frenzied solos!
It is also necessary to remember that the MIDI cable gives you ILICO presto feet on the ground!
Question diet, 6 R6 of good quality will cheerfully over 10 hours: the baby is not hungry, more can still be the battery level controller with the AX-7 (so no nasty surprises). For rehearsals you can always use a transformer (not supplied! Roland thank you), I recommend to live: for the risk of disconnection is then increased.

The value for money is very interesting: 450 eur nine nirvana on stage (the reclusive pianists on stage behind the rack will understand me). Concert-goers at the bottom of your room, go your way, the AX-7 is a very keyboard SHOW.
Technically speaking, the keyboard is the most extensive to date in its class to be said along the conccurents do not push.
That's why I recommend it without hesitation. This type of toy that every pianist should have fun on stage! Really FUN!
Warning to hard drugs: To consume without moderation .......