Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
fabrice.fargues 11/01/2009

Behringer B-2 Pro : fabrice.fargues's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Multiple static directivity (cardio, omni, 8)
And low cut 10dB attnuateur
Comes with suitcase bonette, micro attachment


I possde 2 (as Dad ...) and I t seduced by srieux manufacturing, ease of handling and price ... ... .dropoff window
I use it for recording vocals or its precision is correct, trsdfini at the top of the spectrum for voice without fminines be aggressive (a plus for me ...) although mediums have a little "hard", it respects the depth of the bass voice, although lack of "warmth", a good Pramp offset somewhat ....
When used on acoustic instruments, I t pleasantly surprised by the respect of rich and complex stamps as a clarinet or flute traversire for example, but in making "semi proximity "otherwise its high slightly forward spring. This cash without flinching the power of a trombone or trumpet, it goes everywhere .... It's good for its low price as a budget point of view, it is the gateway to all the world ...
It is certainly not a Neumann U87, I am a huge fan, he has not the precision, the heat, but the price-quality ratio is very interesting, even in Rode in Stagg, AKG and consort in this price range .....

To sum up the +:

- Complete accessories supplied
- Directivits Choice
- Micro "go anywhere"
- Report qualitprix interesting
- The sound is clean

the -:
- Medium a little "hard"
- Top of the spectrum too forward
- Lacks a bit of roundness, warmth
Nevertheless it makes me great service, after 4 years, I was never permit tomb (no faults) and working a little correction taking, putting him a good Pramp, we get satisfactory RESULTS but do not ask him to galer M149, even when there is a world between the two .... It is very well to learn and understand the possibilities s multiple takes (directivity ...), placement, all without breaking the bank ... The high end will come in time ...