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dav_boisv 05/06/2005

MXL 990 : dav_boisv's user review

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I use it mainly for vocals, but it does pretty good on guitar and other acoustic sounds. Cardiod, electrostatic transistor mic with an impeccable finish, a very nice look, like the TLM 103 (but I don't mean to say it's a TLM!). Comes with shock mount, stand adapter and case. No user manual. Only a sheet of paper. But it's useless, anyway. I give it a 10 because the only default I've found has to do with the case (it didn't close tight from one side, although it got better with use...).


I've used it very intensely for three days. I simply love its transparent sensitivity. I'll explain myself: It captures very, very well everything that is close to it, without capturing the fly that's 20 feet away! There's no audible noise, so it's great in that sense! Now, when it comes to sound... Compared to a Behringer B2-Pro I had and replaced with this one (a big loss of money, but I'm happy) the mxl-990 has a warmer feel, more accentuated lows (without being too much), distinct highs (but not aggressive) and splendid mids. And compared to an M-Audio Luna (that a friend lent me), the sound lacks very, very little warmth, as well as a bit of high mids and highs.. BUT THE SOUND IS NEVERTHELESS VERY HARMONIC! With its small capsule (20mm), it can put up with a lot without distorting. And that's what I love. It seems to have a slight bump in the lows, but nothing that a little EQ can't fix! So, given the quality and, especially the price! 10/10