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Oktava MK-319 : Anonymous 's user review


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Everyone talks about ... So ...

useful for singing but also full of various instruments, including those who want a nice low ... but also that the static "mode to" make aggressive (because of too high), gender dulcimer, acoustic guitar string nickel etc ... but not for overheads.

it is a less flattering rode NT2, a tlm 103 etc ... as seems to have less acute.
However, it is recoverable by boosting a little after 8 khz in the decision, if you want.

bcp it captures less background noise (of fan of ordo etc. ...), what is the advantage of a capsule a little tough (for acute!) and is useful in home studio.


Been used for 10 days.
I like the look, sound personality, his warmth, his original "mysterious" sound consistency (not too flashy but standing well), the response curve individually and signed with a ballpoint pen from the hand of Russian technician ... and its price / quality ratio amazing.

I like the side least 50 years of Russian DIY switches from -10 db and cutting down, moving a little on their axis and are ugly black plastic, the lack of suspension for the price (but no longer need to dream ) and very light colored "vintage" of "cast iron pipe" in the lower midrange that is very "present" but not hyper-neutral (so it depends on taste).
this color "special" (in the vicinity, but which disappears backwards beyond 35 cm) that I would not recommend it necessarily as first or as micro micro happening everywhere.

I do not regret my purchase at all (to 139 euros static "pro"!) and is ideal wherever the others are too artificial in the treble.
reliable (the plan sound ...) and simple! a very good plan ...
especially at this price!