johnrae 05/13/2012

RODE NT1-A : johnrae's user review

« My go to mic for almost everything!!! »

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The Rode NT1-A is a cardioid-pattern, large-diaphragm condenser mic. It is probably the quietest mic you can buy for a measly 350 dollars. It boast an impressive signal input noise of just 5 DB, better than many professional quality condenser mics. For those who don't know what that means, it's super quiet. I love this mic, it is my baby. I use it for almost all of my vocals, acoustic guitars, most strings, drum overheads, and even a small chorus. It is not really useful in live sound situations, given the fact that condensers are fragile, and don't hold up as well to being blown into or screamed at. The sound quality is pristine, though the microphone is lacking both a pad and a roll-off switch, however it sounds fine with out. Don't use this if you play death metal or are going to mic a singer who sings REALLY loud as just blowing into most condenser mics is enough to pop the Diaphragm and break them. The output is pretty loud, and it runs on phantom power. This mic is an AWESOME deal, and worth every cent.


My favorite thing about the NT1-A is how incredibly quiet it is. It's amazing and captures sounds with pristine quality. The diaphragm is really high quality, and all the circuitry is professional. As far as condenser mics go, this one is pretty durable, and useful in lots of different situations. Lacking a roll-off and pad is kind of annoying sometimes, especially when recording say electric guitars. Some male vocals will need some careful eq'ing due to a sharper high end on them, but overall this mic is great! I use this mic all the time, and I've recorded so many songs with it. I have no regrets about buying this mic, and it is a GREAT first condenser mic. Love the design to, very attractive piece of gear.