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theaudioandvideoguy theaudioandvideoguy

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Published on 03/20/12 at 00:31
The RODE NT1A is a condenser microphone that is great for vocals. Especially if you are recording in a untreated room. This mic can really help your sound quality in a “bad” recording environment. I have seen college kids use this to record with in there dorm rooms that have brick walls. It still provides solid quality, some mics with crack under pressure in that environment and create a very boxy sound. The RODE NT1A keeps it pretty clean!


Overall, I have had several encounters with the RODE NT1A and I must say there really isn’t anything negative to say about it. It does exactly what you would want your condenser mic to do for you. The appearance of it is nice also, very sleek and shiny. Great for travel, take it in carrying case, and pull it out with your laptop of your on the go and record some great work. I wouldn’t use it to get my final master versions of my songs though. I was just use it for my demo version’s then master the track later one with a higher quality mic. Not saying this one wont work, but you def. need better quality for your final master. Rode has made a few mics over the years that sound great, but for quality and price this one is probably the best and most requested from them. I havent heard anyone record with this mic for something other than vocals, but it would be interesting to hear some kicks on it. I may experiment and try it out. Because usually mic similar to this one don’t sound bad with instruments, for situations if your on the go with your horn you can record some stuff on the fly until you get a chance to lay it down right! Keep this mic on your wish list, its affordable and sounds great.