Shure KSM27
Shure KSM27

KSM27, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Shure.

MGR/Keith Bolves 12/16/2001

Shure KSM27 : MGR/Keith Bolves's user review

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Purchased at Guitar Center, NJ, for vocal recording in home studio. Paid $299.

Crystal clear, sound quality. Extremely sensitive to even the smallest of aural detail. Very sturdy build. Nice shock mount included.

Not a single thing!

This microphone feels like a monster. So solid and rugged, yet beautiful and refined. If I were a microphone, I'd want to look like this (strange, I know).

I absolutely LOVE this microphone! Shure must have been reading my mind when they designed this thing. I am an opera singer and also a voice-over professional, and the KSM27 fits both bills very nicely. Robust and smooth up close, and very sensitive at a distance. Let me put it this way; I demoed all the top mics in this price range and none even came close to this one. And when the salesperson accidentally "drop" tested the thing from five feet off the floor, I told him "if that thing still works, I'll buy it." It did, and so did I. I couldn't be happier.

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