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Nik Richter 10/20/2020

Sony C-48 : Nik Richter's user review

«  Sony C 48 the unknown LDC »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
A couple of years ago, I was looking for a pair of used Neumann U 87 mics for vocals and general aplications. Then a pair of Sony C 48 was offered to me at a ridiculous low price. Here in Germany the Neumann, AKG,Shoeps mics are omnipresent. only a few people know about high-end Japanese microphones.I already owned a Sony C 38 B and was very pleased of it. Since then i use them on drum overheads or room-mic, piano Leslie-cabs.... Then we had to record one of my songs with double vocals. The other singer did very well with the U87 but i wasn´t very happy with it. So i tried the C48 for my vocals. It did for me what i had expected from the u87! So i think the C48s do their job as well as a U87 or a U89! And they have the 9V battery compartement !

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