dogma69 01/16/2018

Tannoy TM1 : dogma69's user review

« I was surprised »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
My friend is a Music Goup Rep, he brought one of these over to test it. I grabbed a U87 off the shelf as our reference and plugged them both into an XL48 pre. We ran the AES outs into a hi res converter and headphone amp.

First off, it's not a U87 competitor. It did not have the silky highs or the lower end frequency response the U87 had but..... I was surprised. It seemed much quieter than other mics I have tried in the sub $400 large diaphragm market. The more I listened to it the more I liked it. I ordered a pair from him right there. I just received them yesterday and have a live show this weekend where I will put them through some paces as drum overheads or guitar amp. Maybe next week i'll have my VO guy try it out. I also want to try it on a snare as I really like a large cap next to a 57 but hate the thought of using my large caps as they are too expensive to abuse like that.

My opinion, buy them.