Neumann M 149 Tube
Neumann M 149 Tube
jctroyes 10/09/2014

Neumann M 149 Tube : jctroyes's user review

«  The micro spares you the thing debates VS Tip »

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How not to have an opinion other than positive and inverted find real major flaws in this mic will demonstrate some bad times.

The question is, as a result, how you offer an opinion other than praise and built the M149!?

Why Neumann? Other alternatives (nine)?
So yes, there are some alternatives, I think:
- Brauner VMX (I have long hesitated) less "heavy" and beautifully elaborate on the control of wheezing.
- AKG C12VR, the VR version is not identical to the original, but what a microphone!
- Josephson C716, beautiful but also capricious according to the source!
- Sanken Cu44X sometimes steep but so "transparent".
- ...
While this level of budget, why switch over to a Neumann M149?

Is at the risk of shocking you, for it is a Neumann !!
Let me explain: I have not the chance to pay me in the studio all these great references are all magical in addition to the M149 (I already dream of two M150). And that a group, a prod, a musician learns about my studio as per the list of my hardware (it is a reality) implies that if I had taken a Sanken or AC Josephson does not always speak and we are left to speak of the microphone (his life, his work ...) as if they were going to sell it.

Let's be realistic as the M149 is really an impressive micro and the fact that it is called Neumann rassuruer guarantees a regular production standardization.

A studio to work must also do rentals, and Neumann is easier to rent a Brauner, for example ...

A good look, this is a good price for its quality report or a VMX C12VR are no prizes above (in general). Character different but equally magical.


The problem with such a beautiful micro is that we tolerate more use another micro devices or of lesser quality ... which is a mistake (youth). On the contrary my work with this micro returns easier on dynamic microphones (not voice) therefore the sound work plans, the mix is ​​much easier. What is difficult is to accept not put anything like treatment (go to comp ... -3 dB EQ and 2 points for that ...). And you'll find that even the frankly very good plugins will not give you satisfaction, whereas before it was your magical COMBO. The phrase "we'll see ca mix" is no longer an option.

If you've always wanted this magic in the sound of your albums, sometimes in a long hours of intensive and sometimes a little luck work (and experience) from the right source with the right microphone (provided you have the park) ...
NOW it's over ... everything becomes simple, obvious. You place your microphone, you adjust the distance and the polar curve ... a good preamp (I confirm Fearm for DW) and converter.

Sound starts here, in this price range and its quality (ok a little before too)
Coherence spectrum (which has nothing to do with color or neutral), but detailed retailer, versatile (to my surprise), accessible price (it's not Wunder Audio)

No debate possible (or really relevant) VS thing thing ...

A captivated silence falls in the studio while listening. Close eyes and ears open. Your work and know how little finally speak freely.