Neumann M 149 Tube
Neumann M 149 Tube
Angeldiam prod 09/17/2005

Neumann M 149 Tube : Angeldiam prod's user review


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With 9 directivity and 7 positions of low-cut filter, you can do anything with this micro tube.
Although sr voice will remain the domain of prdilection well as a cello you could imagine in (cello, not the micro ...).

Beware, if no booth, DANGER, it tends trs trs easily capture background noise, such as the fan of a PC in another pice derrire and even a door closed e, and following the prampli Employ one can have background noise - 50 dB!


I use it for six months day and night, and yes we can do without it APRS!

Well, I will not tell what was good dj t trs and also just to say I put my legendary U-47 on display that I have farm to avoid his breath does s'chappe.

For a woman's voice that we want to heat (voice, no ...) I have not found anything better.
What serious, how clearly what prsence, what sensuality (though the adpend ...)!
But watch out (again), even in the heart, it is a VERY good isophonisation (like a new word!) Otherwise you will hear a drop of sweat drops one of the singer (the one we will be heated e). While associated with a Pramp. DW Fearn VT, we hear the trickle of his skin, and stuck derrire the mix, the headphones on, we must not forget to attach to the chair and stuck the wheels!

As for the report qualitprix, a year of RMI is hard, if not even indcent. It's always the same with the gear "A" class, the proportionality is not linear, it is plutt indexes on the price of a barrel of ptrole! But the only one that is aligned, the Brauner VM-1 and the price (thanks Dirk), it feels as fuel oil, so ... May be that with the release of their famous "SOLUTION" .... NEUMANN review its prices down (it's nice to RVer).

Yes, I know, for much less was also the M-147, but choose, is far better U-87ai, even if there is no lamp!

So there not rflechir must borrow, it's like a ...