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Lighting Desks user reviews

  • Nicols C 512 J

    Nicols C 512 J - " Very correct"


    * How long you use it? 2 weeks * Did you tried many other models before buying it? Another equivalent and used but sold under the brand Contest, that I had paid. This model sold under the brand Nicols is finished (see photos) which unlike o…

  • Zero 88 Jester ML24

    Zero 88 Jester ML24 - " Good little reliable console"


    ZERO 88 - Console 24 hybrid light Jester ML DMX The DMX Jester ML is designed for users who want a console light easy to use hybrid-capable dimmers and spotlights on lyres enslaved. With the new series of light Jester ML consoles, the builder ZER…

  • Behringer Eurolight LC2412

    Behringer Eurolight LC2412 - " very very good"


    I have purchased 3 weeks ago j have to try several models before making the acquisition of LC2412 including lighting MA 12/24 they are two consoles that are very similar what I love about this console is that it looks a lot like the lighting …

  • Contest POWER-4x5

    Contest POWER-4x5 - " Notice console power-4x5 contest"


    For 6 months. No. The special feature I like most is that this console is easy to use and there are a lot of features available but the one I like least is that it only has 4 outputs. The price / quality ratio is not too bad. With the expe…

  • Ma Lighting GrandMA2 Light

    Ma Lighting GrandMA2 Light - " Great"


    I have been using AC outlet, it conquered my problem without any even when it took a bit of time to wait before you can use live with version 2 I've done my first festival in version 1.5 output to March 2010 and since she did make that change …

  • Stairville DMX Invader 2420

    Stairville DMX Invader 2420 - " not very tatisfait because the manual is in English"


    The invader of Stairville 2420 is certainly a good product. However, bought new, we were not able to use it in automatic mode because of the manual in English or German. If the record exists in French that would make me a great service. guy …

  • Work Pro Galaxy

    Work Pro Galaxy - " Not bad"


    I find this console friendly except at the programming is not really well thought out and the doc is a bit flou.Bon value for money. Ideal for groups of Baloch and the budget looking for a versatile console. …

  • Abstract Gladiator

    Abstract Gladiator - " very good scan"


    I give this notice after two uses in the evening. I am delighted. They have very beautiful effects very well and full of traditional scans. I did not try other models scan just before Roller videos on youtube. I would do the same choice sense hesitat…

  • Showtec SC-2412

    Showtec SC-2412 - " A great product!"


    How long have you use it? One year to the day! Have you tried many other models before buying it? I also have a DJ-X16 and a console with integrated block. What is so special that you love the most, least? The +: Its ease of use, light we…

  • Ma Lighting GrandMA2 Fullsize

    Ma Lighting GrandMA2 Fullsize - lahcene10's review


    Hello, c is a console that I've seen in training in training lc PARIS for two weeks with two great trainers and jean michel donovan. The grandma is very good and 2 training can understand how it works. …