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Lighting Desks user reviews

  • Lightmaxx Platinum ScanCon MKII DMX Controller

    Lightmaxx Platinum ScanCon MKII DMX Controller - " Works well"


    I use it for a few months I have used a similar brand console contest. I also use large tables DMX brand Granma and ADB. I use it to scan 4, 3 IN 1 LED strobe. I love the price, reliability and fast response time. Fairly intuitive programmin…

  • Thomann DMX-MASTER I

    Thomann DMX-MASTER I - " Ideal for beginners"


    almost 2 years No. 1, The most once in hand is a breeze! Least the handover without notice three days before French! Very good! Not the same but yes, …

  • SGM Pilot 3000

    SGM Pilot 3000 - " Surprisingly good"


    I just receive it so I discovered. I moved over time from control to 8 Stagetech Case Pro 2 with Martin through dress and other brand. I find some functions on a machine that is fairly complete, but a philosophy. I deplore the instructions in Engl…

  • Martin Case Pro I+

    Martin Case Pro I+ - aerato's review


    It is a console that I tested to see if it suits me. It's an old console, the GUI is not great but still rich. Programming is very tedious and use. It's a real gas plant, which allows many things but very cumbersome. The use is very complex. I have…

  • Starway Micmac

    Starway Micmac - " Good start" has images


    How long have you use it? I use it for just one year. Have you tried many other models before buying it? No, this is my first console. What is so special that you like most and least? -Plus: Easy! Plug in, turn on, it's ready! This is g…

  • Behringer Eurolight LC2412

    Behringer Eurolight LC2412 - ajm.animation's review


    How to use the MA Lighting Lightcommander more fun ... The set I use, works well ... good quality / price! …

  • ADB Tango 48

    ADB Tango 48 - " An avid user logins"


    I use this material and his little brother without storage (Bolero) since June 1991. Javais tried and worked on screen with Fiat Lux, Rank-Xerox, Galatec (right panel blocks but less reliable than ADB) and the Fal Lem 61 ADB, etc.. This mixing consol…

  • SGM Studio 24 Scan Control

    SGM Studio 24 Scan Control - gotouf's review


    Hello I have just acquired this console, it actually seems that the "user guide" has lost a few phrases or words in the translation, by the time you wonder how we will get to realize this or such a function. The console is not intuitive (at least f…

  • Contest PILOT-512PRO

    Contest PILOT-512PRO - " Very comprehensive product, but not very ergonomic" has images


    For how long have you been using it? Almost 2 years now, with 4 to 5 times per year. Did you try many other models before getting this one? Not in this product category, but I use two consoles for 5 years Order 24 for the control of tradition…

  • Botex lemon 2496

    Botex lemon 2496 - " not over"


    lighting console fader 48 mixed multimode expected to provide direct management of conventional projectors, sequence, chase, automation, LED, etc.. Elation design copied, it would maybe buy the soft Botex machine to run it because there, it does no…