Universal Audio Precision Limiter
Universal Audio Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter, Software limiter from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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loudfunk 02/28/2012

Universal Audio Precision Limiter : loudfunk's user review

« My favorite limiter... »

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Picture prefect, enough said.


The Universal Audio Precision LimiterTM is a single-band, look-ahead, brick- wall limiter designed primarily for mastering with program material. The easy- to-use Limiter achieves 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window, which prevents clipping and guarantees zero overshoot performance. Both the attack and release curves are optimized for mastering, which minimizes aliasing.
Since the Precision Limiter is a colorless, transparent mastering limiter–no up- sampling is used, nor does the UA Precision Limiter pass audio through any filters–audio remains untouched unless the compressor is working, in which case only gain is affected.
To really be considered a professional limiter, the metering needs to be su- perb. The Precision Limiter features comprehensive, high-resolution metering and conforms to the Bob Katz “K-System” metering specifications. This meter- ing allows the user to see what is happening to audio with a great deal of ac- curacy, with simultaneous RMS and Peak metering and adjustable Peak Hold. And since we know how valuable good metering is, the plug-in can also be bypassed and used strictly as a high-resolution meter.
Key features include user-adjustable Release or intelligent Auto Release, which allows for fast recovery–minimizing distortion and pumping–and a unique selectable Mode switch, which allows you to delicately tailor the at- tack shape and control the “presentation” for different material. Mode A is the default shape, suitable for most material, while Mode B can be particularly useful on minimal and/or acoustic program material, yielding a more subtle touch.
The Precision Limiter is yet another indispensable UAD tool for your audio arsenal.

The Precision Limiter has a 1.5ms look-ahead window to ensure clipping does not occur. This look-ahead function results in a slightly larger latency than other UAD plug-ins.