Magix Music Maker 2006
Magix Music Maker 2006

Music Maker 2006, Loop Sequencer from Magix in the Music Maker series.

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Guiom60 04/25/2006

Magix Music Maker 2006 : Guiom60's user review


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* The installation is done it without problem?

Instalation more than normal, fast and simple. Just follow the instructions.

* Have you experienced any incompatibility?

On the day of today no problems of this cot l. At least from the hardware point of view, for some mp3 file "tag" are unusable by this: The result file ALTR. The parade is in the rencoder Wav or Ogg.

* The configuration gnrale is it easy?

No problems here.

* The manual is clear and sufficient?

Highlight a note: explanation trs nophyte clear but somewhat limited for those who "flash".


I have an old ass computer (4 years, and a processor 512 satisfesant), not enough to move mountains ...

* The software runs he correctly on this configuration?

The software works well on small projects, but once you pass has the suprieur step that is bugs, defects display Genant and other slowdowns that will begin to make themselves known.

* What performance?

Overall good, say above average.
Think a "mix" the project regularly to relieve memory. (Avoid being hungry effects and video sequences, as has been said in the article, Music Maker can quickly be patient)
The sound quality appears to be very average in reading in real time, is does not mean that it is bad when the composition is exported.

* This software + hardware configuration is stable?

It is stable at the time that we remain within the product, I m 'says:
As the program serves as an arranger / sampler it is unnecessary to problem.
But if you want to make the arrangement, effects, mastering and video, unless you have a solid configuration the risk (and this is likely) of plant. MMM technology using "Direct to Disc" the drive is SOLICIT trs.


* How long have you use it?

I'm using Magix Music Maker since version 2004 (not too LGAL any time) before m buy the official versions 2005 and 2006.

* What is the particular feature you like best and least?

most: his characters didactic, especially in the beginning should
the least: the synthtiseurs not really suberbe (both graphic and sound)

* Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

No, this is my first software computer music, I have then tried Reason, Cubass, Storm (!)
I'm using only dsormais Fruity Loops and Ableton Live4 (Any two suberbe).

* How do you report qualitprix?

Trs correct. I 'still not get any better.

* With the exprience, you do again this choice?

Yes, for a first CAM software is perfect (Management South, vst function "master")
And as the tutorial is well explained and french ...

In résumé: If you are beginner and are looking for cheap software simple and complete, that is the best choice s offer to you now.
But if you are more experienced and have already turned on other software, you may find the limit and broullion. Prfr him Fruity Loops or a Cubass, Reason.