Magix Music Maker 2007 XXL
Magix Music Maker 2007 XXL

Music Maker 2007 XXL, Loop Sequencer from Magix in the Music Maker series.

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msieur 07/14/2007

Magix Music Maker 2007 XXL : msieur's user review


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Ouioui smoothly. there is nothing to say for the installation.


Amd 3500 +, about 740 ram
music maker is still unstable, the same as previous versions. one little comem working on it, the sound quality is very good, there are many who do not vsti enssembles of music maker, I put a vsti p.exple it works well and when I add a second surprise: the sound disappears for the first, y 'Always have three or four vsti that work well at first, but when you add some other vst, the sound disappears.


I have been using the 2005 version
I like this uqe is the ease, handling could not be more simple samples and sound is really strong, there is also the synthetic robot is very particular with which one can create loops without forgetting the original backup automatic, and also the ease with lauqelle jete notes on the piano roll to the way the painters of the abstract, it can shorten the note and the right and the left, an extraordinary facility on the notes, not as on the piano roll of fruityloops on which one feels a little stiff notes.
what I like me is the fragility of the software, we feel fragile, many times the signal error in module machin.le setting the cursor on the piano roll and sequenseur which is annoying. the fact that some vsti does not support enssembles beings (the sound disappears for some). pity he is not stable, due to its simplicity it to do amazing things with without getting lost in the endless and complicated settings (stability is the key).