Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

psantoni 01/11/2012

Native Instruments Maschine MKI : psantoni's user review

«  A good sampler, creative and innovative »

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The installation goes smoothly, attention every time to update, be sure to follow the recommendations of the publisher.
The configuration is fairly well thought out, simple at first, but it may be complex and frustrating as use cases.
No software or hardware incompatibilities encountered.
The manual is clear, but the video and the internet research is needed to discover advanced techniques of composition and really take advantage of features offered.

For user support and updates
- Regular updates from NI (all 3 / 4 months)
- A lot of bug fixes, a few more features (midi out, VST ...)
- Some functionality necessary for a sampler are still not integrated
- The product operates well and pay no update yet ...


I use maschine on a MacBookPro 13 "of 2009:
In Standalone, VST without:
- Very stable, does not crash ever, everything is fluid and it was the foot
In Standalone, VST with:
- The flow is no longer appropriate, but it's still stable and usable if it does not load the mule
VST mode:
- Excessive CPU consumption (does not support dual core), bug displays etc., a horror ...

In general use:
- Interface NI we like it or not ...
- The hardware is good and I do not soft touches virtually
- The pads are sensitive to the touch and nice: /
- The VST is well integrated, convenient for ... SAMPLER!
- The management of audio channel is very well done and routing possibilities are interesting
- The effects are simple but combined and sequenced it became very interesting
- Management of MIDI is basic and pretty bug, the piano roll mode is VERY BASIC
- Synchronization with MIDI hardware is nickel
- Many sub-menu button and use the shift function for "advanced"
- The controller is well designed and main functions are directly accessible throughout.
- The function Swing .... strange?
- The couple Sampler / Sequencer is simple but incredibly powerful for improvisation and live
- The MIDI controller mode enables a lot of different configuration (Live, Tracktor ...)


I then used one and a half years I have owned some classic (mpc20/2000) but there was a lot of time ...
Overall I love maschine in standalone and I hate VST.
I do not think it can be currently used as a DAW, integration with MIDI hardware is tedious and a lot of small bugs and missing features it lacks.
However this is a great sampler and a very good drum machine. Coupled with other non-computer tools that get very interesting because of its ability to improvise and remix live.
In the end I do not regret my purchase:)