Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 5.0
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 5.0

Acid Pro 5.0, Loop Sequencer from Sonic Foundry in the Acid Pro series.

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MGR/W. Dirks 10/31/2001

Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 5.0 : MGR/W. Dirks's user review

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I came accross Sonic Foundry"s new Acid Pro 5.0 Package when i visited a studio of a friend of mine. He was proud of his new software and showed me some of the incredible features Acid Pro has to offer. I immediatly took controll over the keyboard.

I believe Acid Pro has a retail price of about $700, which is not bad for this piece of professional audio editing software. In combination with sonic foundry"s acid 5.0 it enables you to do anything pro tools could, and more.

The software runs smooth, has a classy and comfortable interface, and a large number of effect stacks which can be arranged, and edited any way you want! Effect chains and individual effect settings can be saved as "packages", this way you can create your own styles by using effect combinations you"ve invented. Acid Pro has the possibility to intergrate movies. The perfect tool for adding sound to your flash inventions!
Other interesting features are the beatmapper, and the ability to transpose any sample or recording to desired key.

The only con i can think of is that acid pro needs quite a powerfull system to run on. Especially if you want to work with a large number of tracks. The record interface could also use some improvement. It is not as flexible as i would like it to be, eg : for recording multiple tracks at once other programs like Cooledit Pro, or Pro Tools are more effective.

It is a high quality software package, with the possibility for upgrades and expansions.

I would say it is a must have if you like flexibilty and diversity. I personally use Pro tools for real serious recording sessions but reload most of my recordings in Acid Pro. It really is my favourite Mix Down tool. If you arn"t on a low budget i"d advice you to buy it.

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