Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

RC-20XL Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

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zip, pit et pat les pingouins 10/01/2005

Boss RC-20XL Loop Station : zip, pit et pat les pingouins's user review


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This "twin pedal" BOSS allows sampler phrases microphone recordings from a scratch or from a lectueur CD, mp3 etc MD. The recording time for samples is 16 minutes max, and 11 sites samples are arranged in memory. The appreil can do overdubs, loops, and choose an effect of end of sample (such as a fade-out to pluto a cut in direct stopping of a sample etc.). or move the samples in reverse (the effect is comical, say original).
The Undo / trs rtable are useful for overdubs
The samples are stored in memory conservsmme when the RC-20XL is out of power.
Function loop-quantize tip top (see APRS)
Possibility of marking the tempo with drum sounds included (it is really rather minimal but practical work)
In terms of connections there are between one musical instrument jack, microphone jack from one (the volume of two inputs is adjustable via two spare pots) from a minijack for CD, MD, Mp3 and an output jack. There are also two entries jack for connecting footswitches (FS5U) that can change quickly and a sample pedals to activate the reverse mode without using the "small button" on the tiny front panel. There is also an area between the adapter is not supplied with the appreil (as usual with the boss), it is within thirty euros, it's expensive but considering how the food stacks RC20 it's quick profitability.


Simple operation, pedal left sample or read the register "on top" (overdub)
Pedal right: stopping the sample, or delete (press the pedals stay)
The pedals are also used to "undo / rtable" on overdubs, which is ULTRA practice (miss your overdub you're not obliged to redo any samples that taient "below")
Loop quantize function is also something gnial the RC-20XL, when you do a sample and you press on the pedals right, indicating that this is the end of the sample, the RC-20XL d cutting measures in the sample is removed (or added) a blank at the end of time to compensate Manir raction of the user who pressed the pedals, basically need to be quick to second-prs dizime for the samples run in seamless loop every turn ugly.
The manual is clear trs is concise, and a CD sampler demonstration is included in the box.


RC20XL I use with my bass (Ibanez BTB550) but it's an adaptable PDAL any type of instrument or microphone for singers (her). The ergonomics of the appreil is really the point.


I use it for a few weeks, I tried a few other samplers before and I was advised this one. It is quite expensive but I think it's a good investment. It's a game that enriches appreil musical Manir impressive, I look back my components or pieces that I play with my sampler, in a word is an instrument vritablement Entire apart. I repeat that choice without problem!