Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Boss RC-300 Loop Station

RC-300 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

tamfranc1 01/26/2014

Boss RC-300 Loop Station : tamfranc1's user review

«  almost perfect looper »

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This is primarily a looper. effects are somewhat anecdotal I do not use it. the connection is very rich instrument input and mic. only downside we can not route input (select the input instrument to track the microphone on another one. we can cheat by using the stereo as two mono channels


this device is perfect in its design we understand everything very quickly and yet there is a wealth of opportunity


the sound is very good I did not notice any loss (with an acoustic or amplified with Electric lamps.


two weeks. I also have a ditto very minimal but I tried a digitech jaman the real crap
what I love most practically all
least the impossibility of routing entries