Boss RC-505 Loop Station
Boss RC-505 Loop Station

RC-505 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

Girou 07/07/2013

Boss RC-505 Loop Station : Girou's user review

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Looper with 5 independent loops or not,
it's your choice. No external memory card
but ease of communication with
a computer via USB. The manual ad 3:00
Available recording machine but me
said that I have a little over 5 hours.
Audio somewhat limited connectivity may be ...


Ultra ergonomic use. It's very simple,
intuitive, fun and fully functional.
I use it in a contemporary style, experimental
and it is absolutely perfect. Good manual. There is no
possibility of publishing, but given the maneuverability
the device, it does not absolutely lacking.


Impressive sound quality. I am totally hooked.
What comes out is exactly what comes. Total absence
breath and great clarity and transparency
superimposing layers of sound. Effects not too bad,
but this is not my main use. Can
to set some up to 10 seconds of reverb
eg. You can not put an effect loop.
You can put an overall effect on and off on a
or more loops. Note that many effects
input can be activated.


I use it for two weeks and I am absolutely delighted.
The memory management is very well done.
Was instantly access to the loops 5 of
99 memories. I only regret that we can not
not to start a loop at a selected location.
It starts at the beginning or the end (reverse), but again,
can easily manage otherwise.
When I saw it on display at the store, I almost
do not buy it, I was even a little horrified ...
Faders too short and fragile appearance, look very plastic
and very kitsch design. But quite frankly, when I started
to make use of this device, I have not thought about it at all
and I finally passed!