TC Electronic Ditto Looper
TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Ditto Looper, Looper from TC Electronic.

azvedo 11/07/2014

TC Electronic Ditto Looper : azvedo's user review

«  Cute but overrated. »

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I do not repeat what has already been said here.


Ultra simple. A switch, an LED, a volume button.


I use a pedalboard with delay pedals, tremolo, reverb, distortion and fuzz.


I read so many positive things about this looper. We must stop otherworldliness. In the "simple little looper" gender, Ditto is not practical:
too small, hidden led by the foot as soon as you use it.
I emphasize the idiocy of this stuff: a looper is very tricky to use. Especially when it is a single switch that controls "recording / reading / erasing / on / off ...", it is essential to have a clear view of what is happening.
Problem exacerbated by the manufacturer's choice not to put a single LED light to help understand the current actions.
Reading: green LED,
Erase: green LED,
overdub: green LED,
and record: red LED.
Sorry, this is too simplistic, not quite readable.
Another concern: the switch is so sensitive that a touch of the foot can operate.
Finally, the signal at the output is low. Must immediately adjust the largest volume button ...
Another flaw: the magic saving the last record. Think absolutely clear your last recording before turning off your foot, as on stage, group, suddenly, it is believed activate recording a loop and lack of bowl, it starts playing the last record wisely stayed in memory.
For me it is the whole error design tool that wants basic stage for musicians, but has absolutely handled these problems of size, LEDs, sensitivity switch, the backup last track (can someone explain to me what is this function live?).
Ditto the cheek "basic for the live" but actually for musicians who use loopers rehearsal or work at home.
It is a small, stylish gadget that responds to a kind of snobbery (indeed they released a gold edition for those who want to tell it even more), but that does not happen to the belt loopers as basic but better designed such as express Jamman that has no defects mentioned here and that the signal quality is excellent from the first engagement with the volume knob at noon.
In short, if you want serious, go your way ...