Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Custom77 London's Burning CS4

London's Burning CS4, LP-Shaped Guitar from Custom77.

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aenimation 05/18/2007

Custom77 London's Burning CS4 : aenimation's user review


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Mahogany body / maple
mahogany neck ebony fingerboard, inlaid abalone binding on body double
micro super alnico type paf
2 btn tonalite / volume, three channels.
Channel slim profile type 60
Tune o matic
weight approx 4.5 kg


Channel super nice (the button is top ebony)
access to the acute ... well as on a Les Paul so it must be
very pleasant in any case thanks to the handle type 60.
Effective channels of the tone controls are not for deco


Good for her ben is fat and heavy but with a vintage side which offers a very nice soup. you can spend very aggressive very juicy and microphones are responsive to differences in dynamics of the game


Ben just to say ... I just be a proud owner of a Black LB CS4. These customs and more particularly the 77 cs4, well apart from being very beautiful (Black beauty style) it sounds.
Frankly, I tested it with a friend who has a gibson double cut pro, and that the coup had tried moultes models some time ago, he and I were amazed when testing the CS4. Of course the finish is a little bit lighter but it's still in very good faction, and after having been tested on different configs and well I'm really happy. A well fat, three channels that behave like they should, pickups (Alnico PAF) which deliver a good momentum and good definition, the ebony fingerboard too deadly (it slides under the fingers) the handle type 60's too well. I had a long time there's no prs (beginning of line anyway) ready to hand in a few months I would say it's not better is worse. (In terms of its mean) but I had no regrets moving from prs cs4 to the contrary (the sound of the PRS was too strat typed for my taste). I also tested the cs3 and sends the bulk (high output pickups) with a more modern sound but I prefer the sound and vintage smoothness of cs4.

Here is my opinion but that's me CS4 and I liked it. So if some hesitate .... It's been an opinion.