Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
kartissue 10/31/2005

Epiphone Les Paul Custom : kartissue's user review


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Description given above by others.
I want to say that the bridges are real trenchers string, requires replacement!

In any case, what she's beautiful!


Its level is normal on the right!
In terms of weight, it is very heavy (compared to other guitars) but what a pleasure to break back on stage! I feel safe with!
The handle is nice, but it is not done for the Schreder.


Rock Metal, it's all good, Jazz-Blues ok, ok reggae, all will be played with some settings on the amp.
I use a Marshall 30W which I do not know the origin with, and it's top. I was very good clean (pure) but if I force a little on the strings, I get a nice little cool grain.
Distortion level, it will draw easily, using the dual coil is on.
The differences between the micro is quite noticeable! You really see the value of a selector, you can really play it.


I use it for three years, she moved to a lot (though I take great care ...) But it was already a bit twisted to buy (when you start it is easy prey for local traders in doubt ...).
However, it is tamed.
Are easily obtained we want is so comfortable for the price it was worth our money!
I would do it on the same choice ... but not in the same store ...