Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
thiervin 05/18/2005

Epiphone Les Paul Custom : thiervin's user review


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Core manufacturing, architecture known as Les Paul with the advantages and inconvnients dj deficits further. 22 frets, 2 tone and 2 hambuchers two volumes of the classic what ...


Good handle (Coll of course). I, also an Ibanez PL1770 than twenty years, a US strato and Yamaha Pacifica 821, so a good range of diffrent scratch, and I can tell you that this is as easy Epi play the (good) scratch cited. At most Access in acute is it perfected, but with a little practice you get used to. Question Weight: ca PSE lot and when there is no chamfer tickles the ribs, especially if like me you are not too "stuffed" ... In short, a Les Paul in what he will say its the worst (rare) dtracteurs.


I bought this secondhand scratches. Dj I had tried two or three times (Gibson or Epi). Even when I rest on the ass by plugging ... First, as I said above, it is enjoyable to watch, play and vinzou rang. The neck pickup is a rgal heat may be a lack of precision in lightweight disto, if you want to quibble. The bridge pickup is not EMDU as some would say (I read that crap on it) Well it's not Duncan or Gibson Di Marzio but it's heavy and hard ca . I have this microphone when Chang a Gibson Classic 57 more "vintage" and prcis, but the diffrence is not so standard that I would have imagined. I put 8 Go with Micos Epi 2 and 9 with the Gibson in the neck position. The sound? We trs prs of original MODEL ... 4 cites the scratch it is this that has the best sustain and further ...


If you like Les Paul, you can go there alone, Coren The models are less well finished. On occasion you'll MODELS standards of not too expensive and even copying custom (mine is a copy icustum well known Black) is relatively easy. Honntement, I can brush ending for 50 beginners and I would have AIM over the 30 years ago ... As said youth is of the ball. I have some exprience in the field of scratching, and even if I am not a good scratch, I start having the paper. I consider the report quality price: trs good. Even when trying other guitars that could possibly fit you better, but if you are looking for a Les Paul 700 it do not dcevra. (You have a hundred euros in rab, change the bridge pickup with a microphone and amerloc BANCO) A + Music Alive