Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II

Les Paul Ultra II, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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Abelkain 11/21/2010

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II : Abelkain's user review

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Well I go to this step that the specifications are available on any site selling ...
I emphasize that it is light, with the hollow interior to put it simply.
From my side no particular concerns, or on mechanical or finishing of very good quality on my copy.
Parcontre the volume knobs humbuckers are "shit" talking cruement sorry, but they are not progressive at all, no way to really play on textures, it's not what we demand is a outset Gibson ( or Epiphone) but extremely important contribution to the piezo's stupid to save 0.01 cents to manufacture knobs with poop ...


I really like the handle for access to acute Me I have big hands and it takes some practice and dexterity to the bender 22 ', if you're part of the brotherhood of garden gnomes will have to work together in sorry ...
To ergo no worries on my side, I have a good big strap who keep them in place, so the balance of body / head is not bad.
To the sound distortion I did a demo in the "media" is very large but precise, far from being mushy like some bad bill Gibson (Gibson yeah a new one at 600 is a bad Gibson).
The piezoelectric contribution is therefore an asset, including with crunch or drive, it can be very telecasterien when playing with the mix of knobs. Clearly this is a good piezo sober, and not too typical, I switched on the 9 / 46 in cords to save even more crystalline texture.
The original config is good, not exceptional, I put personal dp 190/191 Di Marzio, to win in the side roots. The side that makes him really sound, which are better balanced with the shadows, over the next chambered "dug" this spring bringing a better resonance and sustain good result.
I'll try to do another demo in the news media here can.


I made the funk, blues, rock and metal, it fits everywhere, even in the initial config.
I play on a peavey lamps (super +), and JC120, with a multi fx pedal gt5. Always good including original config.
Now I love all those sounds much more versatile than before.
We must focus on what you want, whether it's big and fat the original config is ample for a small modification of vintage guitar making is necessary but worth it.


Yes I try a lot of models before buying my mind that I work in a guitar mag, the price / product is really good, and well above some stews Gibson who do in name only. This is also valid for the strata, it is better than a good Mexican U.S. low-end (one of ..... highway).
I hesitated with the model 60 ', but I wanted to change my mikes chose this one, the piezo is also a factor of choice (I did not say but she is extremely beautiful) .
Nothing but good.

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