Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II

Les Paul Ultra II, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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J486851 11/06/2010

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II : J486851's user review

«  Interesting potential »

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Special features:
- The mechanics are of average quality. for Grover, they are a bit disappointing. they are not useless but could do better
- The handle is wide enough and thick (compared to a C Gibson Les Paul for example). If the width is not a problem, the thickness gives some impression of "beam" in the hand (profile D)
- The key is quite pleasant even if the finish of the frets along the stick is not luxurious
- Neck and body "chambered" body mahogany giving it a lightness significant. Another consequence is the (slight) imbalance felt during the game, although the tendency to err on the handle is widely acceptable (I was expecting much worse)
- The table is frankly beautiful: she truly respects the spirit of Gibson's Class
- The classic alnico humbuckers are more, which is added a piezo NANOMAG. that is embedded in the handle end, as a 23 ° box ...
- The knobs are: 1 volume neck, volume bridge 1, 1 piezo volume, 1 tone. they are really not great in terms of escalation, even a little temperamental to use. damage.
- The piezo has a preamp whose settings are on the back of the guitar:
3 mini bass knobs, trebble, gain
- 2 output jacks: either use the combined sounds of a jack - a jack is dedicated to Hum, the other piezo
- I have a bit apprehensive with the usual selector Humbuckers that looks cheap


as mentioned earlier, the hardware is of average quality but objectively it is justified by the general level and tariff of the instrument. We must add that the potential is pretty interesting: piezo output configuration, chambered body ...
Finally, everything is ultimately correctable with a simple replacement of mechanical knobs, selector ...
the configuration of the electronics (knobs + jacks) I think is almost ideal.
the rest is Gibson: access to acute form of the instrument ...


Here again we must capitalize on the potential of the guitar. the humbuckers are "not bad". I think that replacing the grave by an SH2 and SH1 is an acute solve their only fault: the lack of real bass and shine. It deserves to be dug. Apart from that, the behavior of microphones is good and pleasantly versatile.
the body "chambered" is not obviously not a hollow body jazz type but it brings nice touches as the sound and the microphone selected (eg on an open agreement with the combination of soil micro severe acute +)
in the same spirit, the piezo is an asset to exploit. it is always very interesting to use. although neutral in its tone, it provides therefore also a great potential.


Playing for many years on a Gibson Les Paul Reissue 59, I could not help but make the comparison. Finally, I appreciate the Epiphone for its general very interesting and undeniable potential. value for money is even better.