Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany
Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany

Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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ray_mulligan 04/29/2008

Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany : ray_mulligan's user review


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- Of course, requires Custom Shop model is made in the USA, mine was in 2000 ...
- 22 frets
- As the name suggests, it is Mahogany. The table is made of one piece, so there is no split in the middle, which I personally do not like, so it suits me well!
- The photos show, but it has two tones and two volumes, everything is normal.
- The pickups are the famous Classic 57 and Classic 57 + ... a marvel and the 3-position selector.
- The handle is fine, again I love ... Having also a Fender Cyclone, I quickly used to the round of the Gibson. Guides are trapezoids with a pearl biding around the neck (not head).
- Color: Antique Sunburst. This is not seen in the photo is that the varnish, in the light parts, reveals the striations of the wood (it's beautiful), it gives a natural look.


The guitar is super nice ... the handle as a penguin sliding on the ice. It's simple: I have grip, I started playing and am immediately felt better! Access to treble is good until the 17th box, then it thickens slightly (but below, I go really often I have to say) since clashes with the body of the guitar. Regarding the weight, it looks (it feels sitting only) back, but it is absolutely not a problem and standing is perfection.
The sound ... what about ... The Classic 57 is hot, it's round, it's accurate, it does not bleed. Those who know these mics know what I mean, the others test them urgently, really ...


I play garage rock and it suits me perfectly. I manage to get his incisive and rather clean compared to my Fender (Cyclone, if you followed the beginning). I head the branch on a Soldano HR 100 + and a Marshall cabinet 1960. I only use the distortion of the amp, it would be a sacrilege, what do I say that is heresy to balance the effects in this guitar.


In short: I have this guitar for one month now (almost), there's not a day that goes by that I play with, I have not found anything yet and I think that I will find something to complain about ... This is a guitar that has sealed my bank account (the average new price indicated is wrong ... A Custom Shop, I do not think there has to Euro 1700 ... there must be some confusion) but I have no regrets (my banker perhaps). I have not tried it before the masses, but its level was the best part is that with which I felt soon at ease by taking charge, as if I ' had for ages. Well, 3000 euros (out of the store), the Custom Shop is currently running an average of 4500 I believe ... I can not step back, but I do it again this choice without hesitation. If you have the same contact me to give me your impressions!