Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany
Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany

Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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iamqman 11/30/2011

Gibson Custom Shop - Les Paul Classic Mahogany : iamqman's user review

« Classic is an understatment »

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The Gibson Les Paul is one of those instruments that just provides a great amount of character and soul in the tone. No matter what amplifier you put this in front of it's going to sound fantastic. It has a little bit more features than a Fender Stratocaster guitar with the extra volume knob and tone controls for each pick up but overall it doesn't have that many modern features. It's a very basic guitar compared to many of the new modern guitar builds. So it doesn't have any midi switches or boosts or anything like that. There are some models that have a push pull pot and if you've ever listened to Led Zeppelin or Jimmy Page. He used to use a push poll pot for his phasing. These are customizable guitar. So you can add different things to the electronics to make it more modernized.



One-piece mahogany back
Carved figured mahogany top
One-piece mahogany neck with long neck tenon
Cream binding on top and neck
Two '57 Classic zebra humbucking pickups
Rosewood fretboard with pearloid trapezoid inlays
Nickel hardware
Two tone and two volume knobs


This is his great sounding instrument and has a full body and warm tone. The guitar features mahogany wood in the body and in the neck with rosewood fretboard. This guitar will go crazy in any medium gain all the way up to high gain amplifier settings. It doesn't really do justice in a clean settings so if you're using in front of the Fender amplifier or something with a clean tone, it's not really going to give you that sparkly spanky tone that you would get from a single coil guitar and better yet a Fender Telecaster or Fender Stratocaster guitar. However, it will be a full bluesy body tone and will be rich and full of character.


These guitars come in right around $3000 or so depending on the features in which model it is. This is good to be a professional guitar for someone who doesn't really have budget concerns or knows exactly what they want. I recommend everyone to get Les Paul guitar at some point in their career because is that classic hard rock tone that is just full of character and soul that just brings out the best and everyone is playing.