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rikey 05/12/2008

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC : rikey's user review


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Mahogany body
22 jumbo frets
2 Gibson P90 pickups
frabication U.S.
titin is customized a bit. she has a mouth of hell
more with the next vintage is that of happiness
9 / 10


The handle is impeccable. good grip and very comfortable. but happiness!
access to acute is excellent you get easy to reach the last fret because the cutaway is great. No complaints, great!
this guitar is very light unlike other so-called traditional Les Paul or standarts. the form is compelling for access to the acute and the hestétique. she is beautiful.
the sound that comes out of those little microphones P90 is perfect. with any amp whether it be a lamp or a transistor is not too much hassle to find the sound that suits us. I played on a Vox AC-15, a fender or a small Ibanez 65R 15W in 2 min the sound is perfect and it went to funk, reggae or walks. and yes the P90 were installed on the Les Paul Marley.
all this is perfect!
I put 9 / 10 to note as the finish (French polish) is fragile.


This guitar is perfectly suited to my style of music because it is cosmopolitan, it changes from rock to jazz to blues and related to reggae (basically everything has been tested on this guitar) and she is really flawless.
I play with just a fender 65R wha vox sound is a killer.
for the sound it will be 9 / 10 simply because of his P90 is masterful!


She is mine recently (two months) but it's a year since I repeat the OCCAZ with and it is terrible!
titin is light, easy handling, access to acute is excellent ... as positive!
I am originally acoustic but rather due to an accident a year ago (I no longer use the index and ring fingers) I turned on the power. I tried a telecaster 1 / 4 box, but I have a strat gibson is that of happiness. the handle is terrible, the handling is perfect. basically we play with on a electric, for the handle, a great compromise between a round of classical, folk and electric. for me that is happiness!
experience with this choice I would do even if I had all my fingers and OCCAZ was great!
9 / 10