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Meur'saw 03/06/2012

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC : Meur'saw's user review

«  Early favorite! »

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see other opinions ...

in fact I know I'm not sure why this view because the article published here on AF makes pretty good justice to this little scratch ...


then before that I played only on tv with handle lumberjack and heavy as it is not possible, I must say that the transition to the LP DC was a shock ... I went from one side of the spectrum of guitars to go to another round super nice, super light ...

you plug and go!


it suits my style (rock, noise, indie ...)

in bridge, the tone knob a little behind on 7-8, with a nice drive and I do not know why, it is projected directly at CBGB in the mid-'70s, they bite, it is surly, it Punke, hello johnny ramone (yes he played on Mosrite but that's how) and thunder!

to handle, it passes easily from blues to rock ...

Punch it a lot, very good dynamics, very straight, very clear, a small bump in the attack that would almost suggest a twang ...

she has a little less "body", unless that side "acoustic" or "wood" in the 50's tribute, which also turns the P-90 ...


I've had four years and as I said this is my little pampering ... its simplicity, its ergonomics, its side rock'n'roll machine ... everything I like ...

the price of second hand right now it is sincerely one of the best deals on the market!