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MGR/superman 10/20/2004

Gibson The Paul II : MGR/superman's user review

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I bought this guitar off of a guy selling it in the classifieds. It came with a small practice amplifier for $500.00.

Everything about this guitar rocks! The neck has the fatter '59 profile, and it plays really fast. The pickups (490R and 498T) lay down fabulous tone no matter what effects you use them with. The mahoghany body gives a really warm feel to the sound with loads of sustain.

My only gripe about the guitar is that it doesn't have a maple top. This is not really a disadvantage except if you are very particular about your tone when dealing with higher notes. A maple top would bring out the solos more, but it is not missed.

Great guitar! Gibon stopped making them in 1998, but if you can find one, it'll be cheaper than a regular Les Paul and sound just a good!

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