Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS
Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS

1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Custom Shop Les Paul series.

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Linn Sondek 12/08/2013

Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS : Linn Sondek's user review

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U.S. manufacturing, this Les Paul is part of the range "Historic Reissue". As its name suggests, this is a reissue of the 1957 model. And like all Reissues, it is made by the Gibson Custom Shop.
The essential characteristics:
Body-Solid 1 piece Mahogany
-Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and '50s profile
-I Burstbucker Pickups in the neck position, Burstbucker II in the bridge position
Historical Gold Finish-
-2 And 2 tone controls volume
Mine has the back in black.


See below


The amps I use:
-Combo Fender Supersonic 60
-Combo Fender Hot Rod Deluxe U.S.
Marshall Class 5-Head
Head-Ampeg VGT15H

The speakers:
Eminence Governor-Palmer
Palmer-Eminence Man O War
Palmer-Jensen C12Q
Palmer-Jensen C12N


First, a clarification: my model is not finished "YOUR" but "Gloss". That is to say that the guitar is absolutely new aspect and not "aged" (I am decidedly not a fan of "relicage") as is the case of the VOS finish. And it is a model "Dark Back".

We are entitled to expect the exceptional in this price range and in the Gibson Custom Shop. But having read some reviews on Les Paul Custom (broadly defined) that were state of quality Farication disappointing, I was, if not worried, at least not wait to see my new acquisition. No surprises: everything, absolutely everything is perfect on this R7. Whether at the general assembly, finishes (regularity and precision bending of the body and neck, pickups settings, handle and share quality paint and varnish), everything is perfection.
This is my 4th guitar Les Paul and facing the Lp '50 Tribute GT or Traditional Ebony I already have, there is a world in terms of production quality. My Traditional Premuim, meanwhile, is perfect. Obviously the Gold Top of the '50s Tribute (a little less than 700EUR, we must still recall) is very pale beside the wonderful color of the Custom Shop, it just has nothing to do-normal you will say to me in view of the price difference. My Traditional Ebony has a nice finish, so I was well fallen! But, and this seems extraordinary, its weight around 5 kg (4.9 to be exact)! For a so-called "chambered" guitar, this weight may surprise. My new R7 is more reasonable and displays "only" 4.3 kgs. But it has a solid body one piece and full. We can deduce that the quality and selection of wood is not an illusion when the Custom Shop Gibson guitar factory, particular attention is focused on the choice of the body and the table. Finally, here is a lighter guitar and provides more sustain.
Microphones react outstanding and we can only note that the superlative violin of 57 puts them in the best conditions. Compared to what I know-that is to say, to 57 and 57 Classic Plus-they give sounds more articulated, with more weight: the neck pickup is more creamy and flute when the pickup he reveals less aggressive with more body. Sustain, as I mentioned earlier, impressive and yet never missed Traditional: Again, it is clear that the R7 plays in another category, much higher. Out of kindness, I will not go '50 Tribute as a gulf separates this Custom Shop model, but again, you have to be forgiving and to remember that the "Special Thomann" model costs 4 times cheaper and allows almost any guitarist to enter the legend Les Paul.
To return to the intrinsic qualities of the R7, I will add it excels in both its clear that crunch or large drive still remaining articulate and precise. The tone knobs are more progressive than my Traditional which allows for large sound combinations. Those volume have a very different race from what I know: the volume drops faster in the first quarter of the race and then more gradually. It is neither better nor worse, just different. The presence of capacity Bumblee Bee is here feel, electronics is high.
Distortion in large and complex chords (! Not so power chords) R7 shows a large superiority maintaining intelligibility and precision: this is the first time I hear a guitar capable of such a definition in these conditions a little extreme.
Finally, and summarize, Gibson offers here an extraordinary instrument, an irreproachable manufacturing quality, perfect playability (I love the '50 neck) and exceptional sound. 10 out of 10 without hesitation even though the price may seem high. But once acquired, it is not about to be separated! It is indeed the guitar of a lifetime.