Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS
Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS

1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Custom Shop Les Paul series.

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Nickmedley 03/28/2009

Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS : Nickmedley's user review


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Manufactures in the United States in the workshops of the violin Gibson Custom Shop. DCID brand a few years ago Redi models built in the 50 and 60. Your exact is more than satisfactory if you do not think the price (a wallet hurts).
The handle is a 22 frets rosewood inlaid with mother of pearl trapzodaux again. Profile is the same as the guitars produced by Gibson in the 50's. This team is Goldtop two humbuckers coils Burstbucker 1R and Burstbucker 2T, a 3 position selector, two volume pots, two of Tone knob respectively for each mico: a Les Paul.
The violin is treated. It does not justify the price. However what can justify such a price is the quality of wood utiliss to make these guitars, selected among the best pieces. Unlike the LP SERIES Custom Shop are manufactured by hand! (In part)..

Note that there are two types of colors for the back of the guitar (back of neck and back of the case), the table remains well Obviously Gold. There are indeed Goldtop 1957 natural color back (most common) and "DarkBack" brown (which blends better with the Gold of the table, got history).


The neck: a profile on apprciera C trs pronounced! It surprises THE FIRST grip. One has the impression of having a pickaxe handle and not smaller. That said, I who used to the silent profile 60's and sleeves kind of tele, Start or Les Paul 60's profile I Discoveries unparalleled comfort to play on this guitar. The growth of the left hand (right for left) is constantly cal I would say even "reposquot; on BChE. It is in no pert in a fast and short APRS apprivoitisation we gain comfort, dexter and precision. sr Well, fans nomtal seven strings will not be satisfied by the gear.
For 10 years I searched handles comfortable to all beginners on a Tele and a Les Paul Std, a Start, Ibanez sleeves (some are like floor boards), the profile "C" Gibson's 50 m has always scared. ENTSO I have been so prjugs and not having more jou tt. J'inciste but it's important, it's totally subjective, but it is extremely comfortable!

The guitar is heavy compared to other products of other brands. We know it's bad reputable. But the wood of the Goldtop t appear to have chosen to allger the instrument without losing its sustain, So we have a Les Paul lgre relatively more than others. That said, I compare the two mine. (A 1957 Goldtop Standard Ressuie and 80s). 5kg for STD and for 4Kg Goldtop.

Obviously the mcaniques are the same as those that were found on the era of models: rsultat dsaccorder the guitar can be faster or slower depending on the style of play only Remde is to replace mcaniques by Grover oil bath, put the pencil in the nut ... With oil baths and a well cut nut holding agreement should not pose any problem. Alternatively, let it age a little instrument, after three years the agreement will not move.
The use of strings "Ernie Ball" can enable a better place.

In résumé: This Goldtop is a remarkable instrument, one that I enjoy playing legends and trs ages well, even if we find the main criticisms that are often used with respect to all Les Paul: weight first.


In terms of sound: It's my opinion: a wonder! = In his clear is crystal-clear and warm, clear and round. Crunch into a warm without ever becoming rough, though ... adpend also used the amp and that's its charm. In heavy saturation, fuzz, distortion and other super overdrive, dynamics, sustain, and output level are standards!

In résumé she can do everything well: Blues, Twang, Pop, Rock, Hard.


The more you play, the more we love, we soon became dpendant.
The first steps are Drout if it comes from other brands is an impressive instrument, but this guitar has the characters, and all prjugs trs SPEED fall to make way comfort and excellent music.
For 50 years the guitar so few volumes ...
PRICE: 2490 EUROS Paris today. (It was trading at 3690 euros in 2004 ...) The dollar fell sharply!
NB: The original 57 Goltop are often found in chests and worth a fortune today.

NB2: For info, the version "aged" model of the Historic 1957 is nothing less than a 1957 Goldtop prdfonse, fiddles, oxide factory and sold a lot more.
And it is better to be old in your hands you can not find?