Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (2004)
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (2004)

Les Paul Deluxe (2004), LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Maurice Gentil 10/22/2014

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (2004) : Maurice Gentil's user review

«  Excellent guitar and beautiful »

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Les Paul Deluxe USA made in 2012.
Bridge Stop bar, great for resting your hand, do not attack the wrist.
Mahogany, Profile C, same as my PRS McCarty, very nice, transmits resonance
22 frets, short scale, ideal if you do not need to go too high.
Pickups mini-humbucker Gibson, the sound is slamming a humbucker, quite close to a P90, no buzz, pretty aesthetic too. The plastic cover also shows the size of a P90, so early model Les Paul Gold Top.
Volume and tone micro that can splitter. The knobs really have a function on the sound. They are connected on below a printed circuit board. All connections are made from micro-taken. The output jack is blocking type, which avoids losing when stepped on.


The handle is well suited, very nice, not too big, even though we can not compare it to a stick MusicMan (oiled). This guitar is not intended to shred. The rosewood fingerboard (rosewood), pleasant, frets are not sharp, half-round, rather jumbo, so different from Gibson which are fitted with square frets. The rather large slice marks but do not interfere.
What about the ergonomics of a Les Paul, except that this model established in 1952 has survived. It is perfectly balanced, quite small, not too heavy. Compared to my PRS, the table returns a bit at the right forearm, as on all these models. But the thickness of the table and its narrowness limit this problem.
Access to the 22nd fret is, rn to do of course with access to the 24th case of a JP6 MuysicMan, but as I said, this guitar is not made to go too high. We arrive at the 17th box without any problems. Ideal for chords, jazz or rock.


I play jazz chords and improvisation. The short scale allows movement without discarding too fingers. The chords are easy to make. The sound of the mini-humbucker is slamming and less stifled, therefore suitable as an accompaniment when it still prop. Rather, I use the neck pickup. Intermediate, we can get to make good compromises playing on the settings. Everything will depend on the amp. Very tolerant of saturation, and effects.
I generally do not like the micro acute, but it provides a sound gypsy type, playing on both pickups.
I do not particularly looking versatility, each guitar has its strengths, but this one is a lot.


I just acquired a kind of lightning in the trial. Yet I have tried several Les Paul, but I did not like the hoop. Here, I was surprised by the jumbo and mini-humbuckers are bluffing.
I like the general shape Les Paul, the quality of wood (mahogany), color Gold Top, finishing relatively well done. I do not like the plastic plate that I may be removed. Screws tighten everywhere.
A quality / price instead average range for a beautiful violin, a beautiful guitar.
The 2015 model has a crappy gadget that adjusts the tuning, which I find uninteresting.