Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012

Les Paul Studio 2012, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Gab777 10/25/2005

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 : Gab777's user review


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Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold United States produces in May 1995, black (exact name: ebony)
round mahogany neck, mahogany body, affects bne
Gibson bridge
22 frets, 2 pickups Gibson HB Classic, Volume 2 CONTRL, CONTRL Ring 2 1 3 switch positions microphones.
dor hardware (gold? probably because it oxidises over time, such as trinkets ...)


The handle is gnial for me, worry-free for 10 years. the button does not move, the frets are nickel (a small frisouilli appeared on the string r in box 17, but 10 years is not death!)
CHAC is limited to acute even when the box 19 in my case (you can get a little more, but with my hands and fingers from loggers, there's more precision)
The Les Paul has always shaped my prfre t (Slash fan forces;)), but I find the weight a bit too lev problem especially for my back ..... but it was a gibson between the finger, we will not complain .... RPTES the sitting of 3H ended .... ;)
for the rest of ergonomics, I removed the pickguard, because my game every time mdiator stumbled into it ... Aesthetics and then without this piece of plastic is amliore I find ....
in sound, no complaints! it's Gibson!!


Plugs into my Marshall VS100R home, or RPET a JCM 900 with double closet, it's no surprise! the big fat Gibson sound distortion, and the trs warm clear sound!
I only use trs little effect (chorus lightweight, lightweight Dlay ... from time to time), and it is the only sound is the best! Gross!
to play the good old classic rock (Led Zep ...) or Hard (Metallica. ..) or any other style, there is necessarily happiness playing with the knobs for volume and tonality.


Excellent guitar, my electric Premire true, APRS s'tre do hands on a dung .... and it was the top!
I have for 10 years, and I do not blame him, except that the sound is refined over time! (Wood stabilizes) a vendor for the Pigalle Last revised hardly believe his eyes so nothing moves on the scratching! An example of reliability ....
I would do the most hassle-free choice that the era of pay 5900Frs I .... but today my choice plutt turns to big sisters ... R4 Goldtop at the top ... we grow old;) But I keep my life Premire Les Paul!