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dirtjo 01/23/2009

Gibson Melody Maker : dirtjo's user review


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22 frets
Wraparound Bridge (former)
Volume and well-Tone effective.
Single-coil pickup.
Typ Channel 60's round, super enjoyable.
Mechanical GIBSON DELUXE, but pretty Sol tends not to hold the note on bends.
Skyscrapers ultra simplistic: a microphone, two knobs and ITS.

I put 8/10 for mcaniques not top.


Personally I find the extra inning, it really wife the shape of my hand (I play with the thumb on barrs), great for blues least for solo shred ...

The access to acute is facilitated by the low thickness of the heel, but basically it's good ergonomics of a Les Paul after a big regime, not the guitar weighs nothing.

For sound, it is in my opinion the only selling point unless you are absolutely looking for a Gibson.

I put 10/10 great look, taking easy and lightweight hand.


It's perfect my style, I play blues and rock and the sound is parfais ... with the tone of 10 was a kind slamming his telecaster less brilliant, 0 the sound loses some presence but with ca crunch goes nikel, I play with the tone of 7/8 is a good compromise between the cot in my slamming of 10 and crmeux cot 0. Note that although the microphone pretty extreme bridge position (less to put under the bridge) good bass custody and is not too loud on crystalline clean.

I played it with my FENDER BLUES JUNIOR has spent less than a Start in the clear but crunch and overdrive (with a tube screamer) ca super password, one gets the impression that the sound growls when you attack safe, its pretty much slap particularly low.

With the Marshall JTM 45 is magic (good amp is really cool too) sound blues as I love, and when you push the amp and the guitar that attack oats severe, friendly for small dlires old kind hard AC / DC LED ZEP with a distortion pedal. I play a lot of RED HOT and sound of the MELODY MAKER is impressive, I play a Strat but the sound of the tone GIBSON with 10 is quite similar with a chorus

The cleans are not bad with a little grain on acoustic bass.
For crunch and overdrive is really top with this vintage cot in his bourr of mdium not as bad for stoner.
For large distos, it's not really made for (single microphone) but with good accuracy of all distortion is playable but the bulk metal is difficult.

For sound I put 8/10 I love, but hey it's not super versatile.


I've had a few weeks, I love raw cot without varnish, and philosophy you branch and rises and its sounds, no need to split between three pickups, the tone is very well work. I play on a GIBSON LES PAUL ANTIQUE FENDER STRAT a MEX, a LES PAUL STANDARD, and MELODY MAKER is probably the one that throws the least but I find this guitar ROCK N ROLL is not made to drool over but it sounds, if you are looking for a Les Paul has less cot damn it, the grain is really very special. The report is qualitprix ... honest, well less than 500 euros for a GIBSON US has felt the sting but good no frills here: no varnish, no box, a microphone, a flat body. The sound is what is essential.
I would do this choice without problem

I put it 8/10, super nice guitar.