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MGR/willy costello 12/23/2003

Gibson Melody Maker : MGR/willy costello 's user review

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i went to the nearest guitar center, saw it, tried it, but didnt get it. 1 vol, 1 tone, and input is on the top of the guitar, which is awkward. comes with p90.

i like the feel of the wood, its a different type of wood than any guitar you will ever see, the neck is fast, its very light weight, im guessing 10 pounds, the sound is nice and full when distorted on a crate amp, the clean channel is pretty striking and clear, while i was playing the neck, it was easy to push down the strings, and easy to move up and down the frets, its well made gibson.

its too small, its like the size of a les paul but what makes it even smaller, the body is thin, like a little more than an inch thick. which makes this guitar a bit small for me.

the condition is good of course.

the melody maker has a great sound over all and good feel when playing, the neck is just fine, its very very very very very light, easy to bend strings, and its colors are satin red, satin black, and satin yellow, i dont know why its satin but i guess they just make the colors looks a little more darker, when i first picked it up, it was nice, but after a lot of thought, i thought it looked fit for children even though the sound is gibson quality. over all pretty good.

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