Harley Benton L-450Plus
Harley Benton L-450Plus

L-450Plus, LP-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

SlapKid 03/09/2013

Harley Benton L-450Plus : SlapKid's user review

«  Money sidereal unbeatable! »

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Mine is a hb for Honeyburst, absolutely beautiful, flawless finish.
The handle is a bit smaller than my epi SG400 pro, but made the same.
Medium frets, although nothing GRAILLE raised paw.
Course set neck, vintage mechanical but keep the agreement.
Siouplé wilkinson pickups (like on the guitar les paul vintage brand sold more expensive), and the icing on the cake and split they are if you want (4 more bare son)!
Welds are ok, selector knobs and a notch below ear.

The paint is glossy and does not stick to the legs as in Gigi (indeed I did satin as the home for this reason), a delight to play.

The back and neck are dark brown translucent, very nice. Compared to photographs of the site the gradient is more subtle, it really is honey orange, not yellow-red. More true class.


It weighs his weight, it is a real one will say (my lp studio to make pokey side).
The ergonomics are typical, well, a guitar that allows the game to the fingers (plenty of space between table and microphones) and is well balanced sitting game.
Perfectly suited to beginners so.

The sound is fast, hot, very good sustain, but this is really not a scoop!

What always surprises is that with the two volumes to zero the two microphones set is also cut, must know what is normal.

I do not like the location of the switch, I moved smoothly.


Good mics, more hard rock than blues rock, so rather aggressive with biting / spicy.
Three very usable sounds, no noise, it is nickel.
I had alnico in stock (blues saraceno) for it, I like more roundness I will install but beware it is only a matter of personal taste, original is fine.
What's cool with lespaul is that installing a push-pull for coil option simply can all play with.
It is very flexible, and stroke volume gives two separate options on the distortion channel of the amp (like neck pickup rhythmic little gain, and bridge the adonf celmars), proven recipe!

Of course we have a lot to gain by installing quality knobs, jack ditto, and push-pull (and small capacitor magical pot volume), its level.
Given the ridiculous price of base why deprive yourself?


Amazing, and I work not for Toto.
However, my last epi (sg, sg pro les paul std more) are very good resistance to double the price only, we can assume that Toto does not dumping but only through choute.
A guitar of this quality at this price is unheard of!
I will update if problems arise only (as I change the pickups it would not be appropriate to speak of sound), thank you for reading.