Harley Benton L-450Plus
Harley Benton L-450Plus

L-450Plus, LP-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

strathamer 02/02/2014

Harley Benton L-450Plus : strathamer's user review

«  Excellent! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a Chinese guitar whose price / quality ratio is pretty amazing. The body is mahogany, the neck too (set neck) with rosewood and maple (not veneer, real maple). The table is in two parts on mine but the body is in 4 parts. It did not take him to sustain the contrary, it lacks nothing. The table is really pretty.

The pickups are Wilkinson who do well the job. They have their little character, a good density (often microphones cheap guitars sound hollow, this is not the case here).

The only weak point is the Mecas, they play but they still hold good agreement. There is absolutely nothing to change the purchase.

Some kinks very serious but not finishing is a skyscraper at 148 €, hence my 8/10 which is to take proportionately.


Although very nice touch dry at the reception shaft. A little bit of Lemon Oil and the problem is solved.

A tone setting and action were good and we understand that we have to do it yourself for the price.

It is enjoyable to play. The form is the actual form of LP.


I play blues-rock, rock, hard rock and manages everything. I plugged in a Blackstar HT-60 on a cab Artisan 412. It sounds very correctly. She did not blush to guitars that cost ten times the price even if it does not equal. In the blind test, I'm sure deceive guitarists ...


Price / quality excellent, even unbeatable. It was a real guitar that sounds in his hands. Personally, it was a test without believing and I do not regret my purchase. I'll serve as a basis for customization. I made a test video you can see here if it tells you:

A + ;-)