Lâg Roxane Prestige RP2000
Lâg Roxane Prestige RP2000

Roxane Prestige RP2000, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Roxane Master France series.

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psychofonic 02/22/2007

Lâg Roxane Prestige RP2000 : psychofonic's user review


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It is a copy / paste from the site of Lag:
- Manche al in Canadian maple (Hard Rock Maple) with ergonomic junction
- Key in the Ebne Gabon mesh with Curly Maple
- 22 frets type Mdium nickel silver (Jim Dunlop USA)
- Graphite Nut lubrifibr /> - Taken from original key Roxane vritable Mother of Pearl
- SETTING THE bar handle two-way + 2 bars of stability in Titanium
- LAG high precision Mcaniques
- African Mahogany body mass
- Flamed maple top (Flamed Maple) or Loop (Quilt Maple) Solid
- Fillet of Natural maple edge
- Pickups 2 Seymour Duncan USA humbucker (bridge and SH2-SH4-neck)
- Bridge and tailpiece type Tunomatic Stop-Tailpiece
- 2 volumes with Push-Push indpendants for "splitter" in the double and a single Tone gnrale
- 1 slecteur mic 3 position toggle-type switch
- Nickel hardware finish
- Book Hard tui LAG
- High gloss

Mine (MODEL blue photo) is a MODEL of 1999 and has the tailpiece trs class instead of the conventional type Gibson bridge and a single push-pull for the two microphones on the button I tonalitmoi prfre However, it is more convenient). In addition it has the old logo pretty much top of the stick. And then the mcaniques dores. Well I have in addition mcaniques spiezel.


Lag-handles are among the most enjoyable ever. I test with my DJ Premire lag, a Rocklin, which even if not of the same level of quality dj surprised me that level. Good going there but not too late, but not too round. As it was clear: to enlighten your lantern let's say it's a small 'D', fast but comfortable full grip.

-L 'treble Access in could not be more convenient, the junction of the neck occurs naturally (although al sr)

- Ergonomics, trs good balance, fine, not too lgre just what needed to hold it in place.

- It sounds, it sounds serious the naughty, I'm still surprised, it's a clarity is really the key bne gniale, such as severe acute prcis are, the table Saddle REALLY brings a shine to her. Trs and the sound is warm, double, simpa in Splitt even if not a substitute for a single microphone (a of the same offers a range of sounds DIFFERENT 6).


- I play rock / pop sound with mtal (> www.zo-web.com), this guitar with its manufacturing quality, which sounds dlivre, and his look is perfect for me.
- It plugs into a triamp mkII, released her on a loudspeaker watts ENGL V30 E212VH in a cabinet and Hughes & Kettner CC412 B30 (as in V30)
- With this config, I have all the sounds I want, clear lens - soft - crunch - fuzz plexi - overdrive - metal, but good bump the amp too.
- I like guitars that have good bass, I agree with Rb, and I have this shuffled between a rock and a mtal with the attack (the Seymours are goods for a) I use a lot sounds intermdiaire crunch position and position micro serious.


- I have been 6 months now, with more scnes, several knowledge studio
- I like its shape, trs trs sexy, its finishes and I have a jackson JJ4 has just the same shape. more bne its handle, its pearl inlays and binding remember that I love the Les Paul custom.
- I have tried many guitars ... the dernire as an ESP Eclipse I ctm I think, finally, black is beautiful with EMG, but ultimately good I do not like EMG.
- The ratio quality / price is almost drisoire given the actual models on the market with exorbitant prices (I think Gibson, PRS and others ...). This guitar is a quality irrprochable.
- With good exprience, (two days) I would do this election ...