Tokai Love Rock LS90Q
Tokai Love Rock LS90Q

Love Rock LS90Q, LP-Shaped Guitar from Tokai.

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lolodoc 10/09/2009

Tokai Love Rock LS90Q : lolodoc's user review


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I'll donnermon modesteavis on the instrument that I know and use every day ... (not a vrite on all guitars SERIES ...)

Tokai Love Rock L90 Made In Japan in 2007nserie: 0712821 color VF (violin finish)
bought used 45,000 yen Tokyo April 16, 2009 at Shimokura (JR line station Ochano-Mizu / street musician Tokyo) for information on the official list price in Japan is 94,500 yen Japanese tax (90,000 yen, or HT) for This MODEL ...

MODEL Tokai Gakki Made in Japan (not China as TOKAI LS 85, LS 88, TJ 78, ALS 48, ALC 50, LSS47 ....), and SG 43 for information about The models r Tokai percent when there is no mark on the guitar "Made in Japan" is that it's made in China (it's not bad as a tool but not as well finished that the MIJ ..)

Body: Saddle table in 2 parts, mahogany back
: Sleeveless al mahogany while some (short scale stud), touches rosewood (rosewood)
Pickups: 2 vintage microphones Paf MK2
lctronique: Japanese (Systm nitric pots, wires ,...): is better than Chinese or Koren, but we can upgrade to the CTS United States ... For example ...
Fitting: Japanese .... it looks like a lot of "Gotoh" all cella ..... but I've not said anything much sr!


enjoyable round trs, trs good varnish, perfect rgonomie (lighter than a gibson les paul ... thank you for my back!), it does "not address a cot jou standing and "Calle is good" when it is played sitting ...

Sound good?? and although there are only cella of this guitar !!!!!!!!


with Paf pickups and a Gibson brand lctronique United States "clean ".... trs violin making as well .... once the instrument well rgl harmonic m just ... ttez prjugs of your cot, close your eyes, open your ears: you play a gibson! it's also disturbing that ca!


I have 20 years of jou gibson (les paul, sg, nighthawk ..)... all trs ca is good in gnral but then I got tired of varnish "poissent "in the hands, and the quality of production Ingala .....
I'm looking for a gibson without his painted "mrdique my taste," with more lgret (lighter instrument), just as well made from quality wood and finished equivalent .. ..

For me I found my APRS IDAL ssay be there!: A long stud mij tokai LS 138 SEB (144900yens) or LS 143 SEB (150,150 yen) or NAVIGATOR (high-end home ESP) vautaussi that the price of a gibson ..... but unlike Gibson: You always your sr rev it good!

But as I n'aipas enough money, I just pay a tokai secondhand mij range of reasonably priced, I GRRF 2 pickups and Gibson 490 R T secondhand found for 80 euros on e-bay, I've redone my even while the electronic "CTS" and condo "orange drop "...... and I can guarantee you that this Small scratches simply does not envy a Gibson Les Paul made in 2008 or 2009 .......... ca me simply allowed to sell my 2 Gibsons when I realized that Early tokai "rang better"!

Some brand amricaines live (good for them) for over half a century on a "name", a "legends" on "mode if you "...... your music: open your ears and your wallet ..... not wise!!