Tokai Love Rock LS90Q
Tokai Love Rock LS90Q

Love Rock LS90Q, LP-Shaped Guitar from Tokai.

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kikill 09/07/2007

Tokai Love Rock LS90Q : kikill's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
-MIJ (Made In Japan)
22Cases-mahogany set neck
-Mahogany body
-Table in Saddle Saddle ond + layer on the surface for aesthetic (laminated top)
Pais-type handle enough gibson
Gibson-shaped head ... beautiful!
Mcaniques rotten-type Gibson (graissage. ..)
a maintenance agreement in the medium but the beginners started to do .. up when the question is ...
-2 Vol 2 tone and no surprises ..
-1 3positions switch (EDIT: change later)
Micro-PAF MKII copies of good quality ($ 89 sold by the unit in tokai magazine)
short .. good guitar PSE weight ... it's a good sign!

I'll add pictures ending for .. or go to my Profile


-The handle is enjoyable .. RAS if you like the gibson polish sleeve type
-Access to acute bah ... not easy to beginners but it is
-The ergonomics? it is not a strat sr ... but it is not achte a!
It is the norm .. tyiquement gibson .. and especially a rgal: NOTHING TO DO WITH EPIPHONE!

7 jmeter will objectively becaufe a Les Paul has a comfort issue dsaventage ...


I mainly play the Hardrock, but also a little Punk / Emo, and blues ..
to be everywhere, the Outbox of the big and fat should be the o!
-The sound is warm (thank you mahogany) and sustain Submitted ...
(I did not test but my Gibs singer who has played on gibson says it kifkif)
It sends the bridge pickup and sauce is trs diffrent the neck pickup, more aggressive while the neck pickup is round.

In clear-the sound is not crystal, but round and warm .. say anything, the les paul has absolutely no shame of his clear sound!
It is a neck pickup is warm and ... rgal chubby wish .. with a lil crunch we are in paradise!

writ does plutt carrment!

I put 10 because to nine 800 is crazy!


Super-clear sound in spite of what I expected (humbuckers)
-Crunch and distortion ... nickeeeeeel! Les Paul sound!
-Price .. (it fattens not amricains and it does not pay the logo while having gibson gibson sound)

, The weight can be ... although personally I feel my prfre scratch!
-The ergonomics .. but as I said above is not a les paul achte for a.

I do it again a thousand times that choice!
the finish is superb and the sound also ... everything has a price reasonable trs!
I put 10 because I am totally satisfied .. it has everything you ask of a Les Paul!

I drop a point because of the electron leaving DSIR.
notement that damn selector ..
good is 5 prfre a selector but I know!

dj for over a year I have my jewelry
APRS in a small rglage an excellent luthier alias Damico I fall more in love with my bte ..
I used to seek the advice of Damico on my guitar, "you take the same finishes at Gibson dj're over 3000" So much for the skeptics!

I rgl the problem of lack of precision in the micro replaceable by EMG85/89.
alnico always sound so hot but still won in PCHE and tidy ...
So nothing wrong .. fans of Les Paul you will be delighted!
it is warm and clear, sends a steak when it is needed and it is sweet and singing when you want.
I love my love rock