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Tokai Love Rock
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ouaza 05/05/2004

Tokai Love Rock : ouaza's user review


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Copy of Gibson Les Paul frabriquée in Japan. There are different models but basically There's two levels: those manufactured in Japan (the premium) and those manufactured in Korea (I think it's Korea, the low-end). The one I'm talking about is the high end!
FYI I have had several opportunities to play on standart lespaul and when I bought it I tried it for 3 hours non-stop, alternating with a standart lespaul to see the differences!

Simply put this guitar includes all the features of a real Les Paul: 22 round boxes glued, rather large, round button rosewood and mahogany, varnish -> handle lespaul what!
The body is 2 pieces of mahogany and curly maple tables massive! Beautiful !!!!! It's crazy!
The bridge is tune o matic, as the true.
3 position selector, 2 volumes, 2 tones, you know the song!

The only difference are the pickups! This is not a gibson malheusement but hey you can not have everything and then it will change!


Again it is impressive all there! Compared to the lespaul differences are really small!!
Though I alternate between the two when I tried it hard to see the difference when the guitars are connected! All there really is crazy

Of course in using it involves all the disadvantages of a Les Paul: weight access to acute ...


In terms of sound through an amp, we can see the difference with the Les Paul but I think it's only due to micro!!
The bass sounds almost like a bang, it's amazing, it's hot desire, a little fat just right, it has a typical grain gibson. Play with the volume becomes a real treat!! On its CRUCH it down to its clear and good sound is saturated marshall crunch down on a beautiful clear to limit the attack on the mediator !!!!!!
Whether it is for blues or rock is happiness!

In terms of it's less acute: it is the one we see a difference lespaul! The sound is a little more aggressive with a gibson and it's a shame. It may be appropriate for very big fan of his but I am not satisfied! Finally again we can change and it's still far from the standart price of a Les Paul!
Basically if there were any gibson pickups on it (well mostly for the treble) I put 10/10


Well frankly for about € 1000 is crazy !!!!!! For a year I do not always leave it!

I urge that wants to buy a Les Paul: ca 17,000 francs is expensive especially since it takes a lot more for a beautiful finish!

By the way to meet daniel70: me personally, I have absolutely no problem fret! It will soon be 2 years that I have and really it does not move!

I would definitely do it again this election !!!!!!