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Thread M-Audio Air 192|4 - Stereo Monitoring via Headphones?

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1 M-Audio Air 192|4 - Stereo Monitoring via Headphones?
I'm assisting a Music library with a new M-Audio 192|4 and they discovered that they cannot monitor in stereo split via the headphones. This makes sense since the interface is designed to take in Mono signals and the DAW would be recording Mono signal tracks. They were taking a stereo signal from a turntable into a Home stereo receiver. Then sending the stereo receiver's left channel into the 194|2 mic input and the right channel into the 192|4 guitar input. - Then listening through the headphones and wondering why they didn't hear the music the way it was recorded. Am I wrong to say that these devices were not intended to be used this way? (There is more to what they wanted to do, but I'll save you the time)

But it got me thinking. Would a 2-channel audio interface like the 192|6 or the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 work the way they are expecting? They were suggesting that we buy the 192|6 but I'm thinking that they just need to get a Computer audio card, instead, if they want to plug in the stereo signal coming from a playback device.



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