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[Getting started] Mastering at Home - Part 23


Nantho Valentine

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Nantho Valentine
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1 Posted on 08/27/2014 at 15:54:26Direct link to this post
Mastering at Home - Part 23
After more than 20 weeks, the time has finally come for the last installment in our series dedicated to mastering at home. Today we won't be making any miraculous revelations, instead, we'll give you one final piece of advice, "for the road."

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2 Posted on 10/03/2014 at 02:33:58Direct link to this post
very cool, thanks for taking the time to put this together

Mike Levine

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Mike Levine
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3 Posted on 10/03/2014 at 05:14:45Direct link to this post
Thank you, Hanky. Glad it was useful for you. I plan to re-read the whole series myself. I have a project I'm working on that I may try to master myself, and Nantho's articles are full of great advice.
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