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PC Projector for XL2 Analyzer

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NTI XL2 Analyzer
News NTI XL2 Analyzer

Measuring Instrument from NTI

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NTi Audio releases the PC Projector software for the handheld XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer.


The XL2 Projector displays the instruments screen in real-time via the USB connection to the PC. The virtual keyboard enables the user to control the instrument with mouse clicks from the PC. The Projector software is free of charge and ready for download for XL2 customers at www.nti-audio.com/XL2.


XL2 Projector warns at exceeding Sound Levels
The XL2 Sound Level Meter includes a limit menu to preset the maximum permitted sound level according local regulations e.g. applicable for live sound events. In case such limits are exceeded, the XL2 Projector background color on the computer turns its colors from green to yellow or red according to the programmed limits.


External SPL Stack Light shows high Sound Levels
All XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer offer a pre-installed digital I/O interface for the control of external peripherals based on preset sound level limits. The new Digital I/O Adapter connects to the XL2. It controls external peripherals such as an SPL Stack Light showing exceeding sound levels in red color to the sound engineer as well as to the attending audience. The new accessories “Digital I/O Adapter” for building your own “SPL Stack Light” is  available now.


For more, visit NTi Audio www.nti-audio.com/XL2.

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