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Accessories for Microphones news

  • [Musikmesse] SKB 3i Series Mic Cases

    [Musikmesse] SKB 3i Series Mic Cases

    03/25/10 in SKB 3i Series

    SKB Corporation announced a new line of injection molded mic cases.

  • [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    03/25/10 in Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    A new in-ear monitor antenna combiner, the MCB4 is being shown by Audio-Technica at Prolight+Sound / Musikmesse 2010 for the first time.

  • [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica Mic Windshields

    [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica Mic Windshields

    03/25/10 in Audio-Technica Soft-Zep

    Audio-Technica’s new range of microphone windshields for broadcast professionals has its Prolight+Sound / Musikmesse debut in Frankfurt between 24-27 March: the Soft-Zep, Windshield Series and Fur Sock lines.

  • [Musikmesse] Rycote InVision USM

    [Musikmesse] Rycote InVision USM

    03/24/10 in Rycote InVision USM

    Rycote, the UK-based manufacturer of microphone windshields and suspensions, is presenting the InVision USM mic suspension for large-diaphragm recording microphones at Musikmesse.

  • [NAMM] QuikLok A-490

    [NAMM] QuikLok A-490

    01/25/10 in QuiK Lok A-490

    Quik Lok introduced its new A-490 series of boom microphone stands.

  • [NAMM] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    [NAMM] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    01/14/10 in Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    Audio-Technica debuts its new MCB4 IEM Antenna Combiner at this year's NAMM show.

  • [NAMM] Rycote Universal Studio Mount

    [NAMM] Rycote Universal Studio Mount

    01/12/10 in Rycote Universal Studio Mount

    Rycote is announcing a new product at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim, California — the InVision USM, a universal mic suspension for large-diaphragm recording microphones.

  • Lectrosonics SMV Transmitter

    Lectrosonics SMV Transmitter

    10/07/09 in Lectrosonics SMV

    Lectrosonics announced the introduction of the SMV Series transmitters, featuring variable RF power

  • Soundfield SPS200 Zephyx Kit

    Soundfield SPS200 Zephyx Kit

    10/02/09 in Soundfield SPS200 Zephyx Kit

    UK microphone manufacturer SoundField introduced a new version of its SPS200 compact microphone.

  • Audix MicroBoom

    Audix MicroBoom

    08/27/09 in Audix MicroBoom 84

    Audix Microphones has updated the MicroBoom Series to include two models: MicroBoom 50, which features a 50 inch boom arm, and the newly developed MicroBoom 84, featuring an 84 inch boom arm.