IK Multimedia iRig Mic
IK Multimedia iRig Mic

iRig Mic, Microphone for tablet/iDevice from IK Multimedia in the iRig series.

Rosqo 12/11/2013

IK Multimedia iRig Mic : Rosqo's user review


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There are 3 mode miking, low low average, average only gets up to be more or less effective, strong grip frole inaudible yes yes!

Installation dune extreme simplicity connection directly to ipad mac or by jack, headphone integrated. Ideal for demanding little realization on garage band or other app of its kind. No foot n is provided to you démerde guide! On apple products no dysfunction predict.

Utilisiation for rap and singing very difficult without post production settings on a good mac .. The micro saturates very quickly and deformed the bad voice in the bass in the treble, bad what!

Use for 6 months now purchase very soon a true micro because it is closer to the gadget. It is useful for a small premiereexperience but that's all. I deconseille this microphone.