Prodipe DM8
Prodipe DM8

DM8, Microphone Package from Prodipe.

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gaedu42 10/25/2011

Prodipe DM8 : gaedu42's user review

«  Rather positive opinion »

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Said the party before ...


I use this pack for 2 months now, it's the first mic I use.

It manages to get across a fairly accurate except for the bass drum: No effect -> Its disappointing, in the words of my predecessors, a little carton ... I tried several settings (pillow in the bass drum, bass drum empty, stretched skin, relaxed, etc.). Nothing works.
But we manage to get a good sound by adding effects after the recorded track with the gate to reduce outside sounds and annoying (cymbals, snare ...), a compressor for the attack, and an EQ for more bass and a sound to shake the walls;)
Of course this requires a sound card and not a mixer to add effects element by element (micro-micro), otherwise I think it's impossible ...

The snare mic I like that, I love to hear the sweet sound of my Pearl Joey Jordison signature: D
But for this we must add a few effects to bring out all the sounds of the drum.

I have a little trouble with the microphones toms, but spending a little more time on setting it should be better. What to see

Its not the ovearheads mals, but such a good return -> An EQ is not to refute but it seems normal. Cepandant Warning: The ovearheads need phantom power to operate!

Good microphones on the whole, but use with a sound card and not a mixer in order to edit one track and thus get a better sound.
I have to listen to some song clips I recorded if requested with or without effects, different settings, etc.. -> MP:)